Major Upgrade
Scheduled for Apr 18, 05:00 CEST  -  Apr 19, 05:00 CEST
Dear colleagues

As we continuously aim to enhance the SAP Conversational AI platform with improved functionalities to make bot building easier and efficient, we wish to apprise you of major features planned for the release in April and the associated downtime. We request you to read carefully and act on the note to minimize inconvenience and disruption.

What features are planned?
Enterprise edition: SAP Conversational AI currently offers a community edition of the platform for both free and paid customers. With the April 2020 release, we are introducing a brand-new Enterprise edition that will allow paid customers to have all their chatbots and data securely isolated in their own tenant. Find more information here.
User login with SAP ID: We are introducing the IdP login system to fully leverage the standard authentication mechanism provided by SAP Cloud Platform. This will ensure harmonized best-in-class security features across all SAP services. By changing our login system, we’re making sure that your bots and content get the highest levels of security in the market. Find more information here.

Planned downtime and impact
Start date: April 18, 4:00 am UTC
End date: April 19, 4:00 am UTC
Maximum downtime: 24 hours
Impact: During this period, access to the platform will be blocked. You will not be able to access your bots and the bot builder.

Your action needed
1. Plan for the downtime of your bots:
1. Inform your users that the bot will not be available
2. Plan for taking the bot offline for the maintenance period and guide users towards other communication channels
3. Plan for taking the bot back online once deployment is finished (will be indicated on our status page)
4. Inform developers of the planned downtime

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Posted Mar 18, 2020 - 10:18 CET
This scheduled maintenance affects: SAP Conversational AI.